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Thanks to Amazon, the market of eBooks is rapidly growing, and many people have involved in self publishing eBooks. The most famous platform for self publishing eBooks is the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), and there are hundreds of articles to tell you how to promote your eBooks in KDP if you do a searching job on Google. Therefore, I am not going to introduce you KDP again in my list below.

The sites I collected are all third-party sites, means they are not eReader device manufacturers. So you won’t find amazon, sony, nook, kobo, etc. in my list. Some of them are not popular, but I promise you that they all have their regular audiences; also because they are not that popular, you will face less competition in promotion.

As things are changing, some sites will keep enhancing while some falling, I will try my best to keep this list up to date. Just like the previous post for free eBooks download site, I’ve added 10 sites into the list days ago.

All the sites are ranking by alphabet. And in this post, promotion means your eBook is in a low price or even free at the moment. These sites can let more people reach your eBook.

Addicted to eBooks

1. Your book must be priced $5.99 or less.
2. They don’t accept Erotica.
3. If you’re submitting a short story, please be clear about that in the description.
4. No any fee charged.
5. KDP based.

Promotion entrance

Bargain eBook Hunter

1. $5 for one title guaranteed shows up in “free eBooks” column. (Your book should be free)
2. $18/day for an eBook which is priced less than $5.00. (Your book will list in the sponsor column)
3. 6000+ fans on its Facebook Page.
4. KDP based.

Promotion entrance

Books on the Knob

1. It’s a non-profit website. (at least the owner doesn’t say he/she charges a “review fee”).
2, Not only Amazon eBooks are acceptable, but also the eBooks from B&N, Kobo, Nook, Lulu, Smashwords, etc. Even hardcopy.
3, It’s in the most popular 100,000 websites in the world.

Promotion entrance

Books on Board

1. This site help you publish your content, not only promote.
2, You can choose make your content free for a week/month to catch more eye balls.
3, This site can sell your eBooks in one country or around the world.

Promotion entrance 

Click Bank

1. This is a very professional digital marketing platform. It not only sell eBooks, but also all the digital contents.
2. It is in the 300 most popular websites in the world.
3. One-time $49.95 activation fee.

Promotion entrance 

Create Space

1. This is an Amazon company.
2. It offers you the one-stop eBooks service, including making, publishing, and promotion.
3. Kindle format friendly.
4. It also offer the service for music and film.

Promotion entrance

Digital Book Today

1. It’s a very comprehensive site about eBooks.
2. It offers free books, author interviews, and eBook news.
3. You can make your eBook into the featured list.
4. There are many options for a promotion campaign, including free & paid.

Promotion entrance

eReader News Today

1. It’s in the most 30,000 popular sites in the world, tens of thousands of subscribers and social followers.
2.  If your book is going to be free, you should contact him 3 days in advance.
3. You can also buy advertisement on his site, cost per click.

Promotion entrance     Advertising entrance

Expert Subjects

1. It’s also a professional eBook publishing & promotion site but not that popular.
2. It offers these services: cover design, editing, marketing, formatting and distribution.

Promotion entrance 

Free Booksy

1. Nearly 50,000 followers on Facebook.
2. It offers multi services, for example, spread your free book, offer you an promotion Facebook app, help you hold a giveaway campaign, get you a review on Amazon, help you build your own website.
3. Besides authors, it also provide services for publishers.

Promotion entrance

Free eBooks Daily

1. The site has a very beautiful page design.
2. You can submit your book in (free/0-$1/$1-$3) for free.

Promotion entrance


1. I think all the authors know this site.
2. So there is no need to describe this site. :)
3. If you didn’t hear it before, you are not late to visit it.

Promotion entrance 

Digital Point

1. This is a forum, it has a board for eBooks marketing.
2. This forum ranks 337 in all the websites in the world.
3. It is special for business & marketing eBooks, if your book is a fiction, this is not for you.

Promotion entrance 

Pay Loadz

1. This site aims at selling digital contents for clients like you.
2. It helps you sell videos, musics, softwares, and eBooks.

Promotion entrance 

Pixel of Ink

1. Your book should be free on Amazon.
2. No fee charged for submission.

Promotion entrance

eBooks Corporation

1. This is a leading supplier of books to libraries and retailers worldwide.
2. You  should fill out an application form if you want to promote your eBook.

Promotion entrance

Shaina Richmond

1. I like its page design, very clean and clear.
2. Special for romance eBooks.
3. Free for submission.

Promotion entrance 

Smash Words

1. As popular as lulu, very popular.
2. Ranks 6170 in all the websites in the world.
3. Many authors publish & promote their eBooks on this platform.

Promotion entrance 

The Cheap

1. It supports Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks.
2. Free for submission.
3. Filter by price, no more than $10.

Promotion entrance 

The Kindle Daily Deal

1. Only for Amazon books.
2. Free for submission.
3. 17000+ followers on Facebook.

Promotion entrance 


eBooks Habit

This is a site which is submitted by one of our blog readers.

Thanks to him for provide us such a nice site.

Authors can submit their free books to the site without any charge, but if you want your book enter the featured list, you should pay $10.

This site attracts about 1300-1500 people to visit everyday (I privately estimate it with the site’s alexa rank), so a $10 deal is pretty worthy.

Promotion entrance


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