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Kindle DRM Removal

Kindle Drm Removal is a professional class user-friendly software, it can quickly and perfectly remove the Kindle AZW DRM within 3 clicks, allows you read Kindle eBooks on any devices you like, such as iPad, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, etc.

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What you can get from this software

Share Kindle books with your friends Easy to use
Have you ever been annoyed with the fact that you can not share a Kindle book with your friend even if you purchased it? Although you can lend a book out, but in the lending period you have no access to this book.But after removing the DRM, you can share the Kindle books to any of your friends or family. The most friendly interface make you remove DRM as easy as ABC. Forget the complicated plug-ins and scripts. With Kindle DRM Removal, you only need to open it, then click “decrypt”, you can remove the DRM perfectly even you have little experience in computer.
Batch decryption saves your time Print the books out freely
If you’ve got tons of eBooks, you need not to decrypt them one by one. Just choose a folder which contains your DRMed eBooks, click “Decrypt”, drink a cup of tea, then you can enjoy the eBooks without DRM’s lock. With the development of the times, many educational & tutorial documents are offering the digital editions. When you want to print them out to convenient your working, the DRM stops you. Never mind, you can remove the DRM then print it out freely with the page range you like.

After removing DRM, you can read Kindle eBooks on

Thank you for making this awesome software! Now i can read my purchased DRM books on my favorite kindle e-book instead of being locked to a crappy adobe compatible unit! :)

- Thomas

Thanks, I got the key generator to work and am now removing the DRM from my ebooks! Thanks again

- David Bryson

Questions & Answers

If these Q&As are not enough to help you, please refer to the FAQ page, more questions and solutions are listed there.

Video Guide

For Rented Books

As Amazon uses different kind of DRM on those rented books, therefore we cannot guarantee a successful decryption on your rented books.

Please download the rented book from Kindle for PC/Mac, then run our program to decrypt it. If you get the error message “Cannot decode library or rented ebooks.” Then this book is not decryptable.

If we get a breakthrough on this issue, we will release an upgrade version.

Version Information

V 2.5.6

  • Update the decryption core, remove DRM from your eBooks faster and more stable;
  • Fix the error “out of string table limits”, and the error “out of list range” ;
  • Fix the bugs which lead to program boot failure;
  • Add drag & drop feature in the registered version;
  • Add right click menu in the registered version, which enable you to delete the item.

V 2.4.5

  • More bugs fixed.

V 2.4.4

  • Fixed some bugs, reduced the errors may occur in the process.

V 2.4.3

  • Removing DRM from Amazon Kindle eBooks, including AZW, Mobi, PRC formats.
  • Automatically scan your Kindle Contents folder, or you can customize the source folder.
  • Batch decryption.
  • Detailed decryption process message window.
  • Decrypting with Kindle serial number, if you can’t download the books via Kindle for PC with the authorized ID.
  • Automatically open the output folder once the decryption finishes.
  • Decrypting 2 books for one time in the free trial period.


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